Saturday, 28 September 2013

Always something to discover....

What is it?
I would have described myself as a pretty experienced GP, and certainly 33 years in a full-time job would prepare you for anything, and I have seen pretty much every condition in my time, including a lot of rare ones.

I have seen and diagnosed Wegener's granulomatosis, and Hayley-Hayley disease, I have seen all the rare childhood cancers including Wilms' tumour, so I wasn't expecting to be surprised by a condition I had not heard of.

Since retiring, I have started to do quite a bit of walking. It is hard work when you have the physique of a prop forward, and the weight to match (and a bit extra for the added pies), but I am persevering. This means that I am meeting with people who walk, and have come across a condition that is new to me: Golfer's Vasculitis. This is an irritating purpuric rash that occurs in people after they have walked for a while. It seems more common in older people, and in women. It occurs after longer walks, and not in runners.

It is entirely benign, and is diagnosed on the history and examination (tests aren't necessary provided the walker is well), but is a little unsightly, and takes a few days to subside.

You can take the doctor out of medical practice, but can't stop a doctor thinking and analysing like a doctor!