Thursday, 11 February 2016


It looks to me like the Government has decided to impose a new contract of work on the Junior Hospital Doctors. An announcement is expected today from the Secretary of State for Health, Mr Jeremy Hunt MP.

If this is the case, then we are approaching the break-up of the National Health Service, chaos in hospitals, and the resultant morbidity and mortality that will result will mean that people will die.

This is a political struggle with the Government trying to rebadge Saturday as a weekday, and cut costs and expect people to work these days as a matter of routine. This is something that MPs do not do.

This is a very dangerous time for the service I spent 38 years working for.

By 2020 the end stage of the Lansley reforms and the Hunt contracts will result in a fragmented, inferior, privatised service, and the jewel of our NHS will be a distant memory. In the same way that national Education has gone, Health will follow.

The roll call of shame is, indeed, a very long one: you expect the Tories to be liars, selfish, and arrogant. This is what Tories are. But there are many fellow travellers who should be ashamed of themselves.

These two are at the head of the roll call of shame:

I wonder how they can sleep at night realising what they have done?