Saturday, 13 February 2016

A friend of a friend told me....

The NHS seems to be going to hell in a handcart. We have had a 13-year freeze of resources in primary care, so that General Practice is now on its knees with the lack of funding and demoralisation.

I hear (from a friend) that in a large and well-respected local practice that it is common for patients to be queuing out into the car park to get an appointment, doctors are leaving and retiring, the patients vent their anger and anxiety on the receptionists (not their fault), and what have the authorities done?

Bugger all.

The NHS is not just about doctors, but it is the doctors who are in the cross-hairs.

First they came for the Junior Doctors, but I did nothing, as I was not a junior doctor. Sound familiar?

Then they came for the nurses.

Then they came for the support and reception staff.

Then they came for the consultants.

Then when I became ill there was no NHS left, and I was asked for my Mastercard Number.

And when that ran out...........