Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Movin' on...

Had a surprise visit from a cousin last night, whom I haven't seen for around 3 years.

He was aware that I had retired from clinical practice, but was really surprised when I said I was going to retire, that is exactly what I meant. I did love my jobs (as a GP and a GP educator) and I miss them and the fabulous people I worked with. But retirement to me is exactly that - moving on to a new phase in my life where I don't spend most of my day dealing with all sorts of people with all sorts of problems.

I don't really think my colleagues would want me to put a brake on any important decisions in the practice, and they must decide how to take it forward. I can give them my twopennyworth, but I think they can cope without me.

So I am now no longer registered as a doctor with the General Medical Council, and am pleased to be out of their potential clutches, as they do not inspire me as an organisation.

My cousin has changed his arrangements - he was splitting his life between Vancouver and Doncaster, but now is moving to Bristol (a lovely city) where I shall be able to visit him and his wife.

However, tomorrow I am going on holiday, and will hope to blog my way through France.