Friday, 4 March 2016

It would need one hell of a golden handshake......

I hear that my old practice is now 3 doctors down, and all available appointments are gone within 4 minutes of the phone lines opening up. They are really struggling, and I feel sad for them.

I could return to work, to help - I still have the knowledge and skills, so why not?

It is quite simple - I would need to do 2 sessions a week for around 2 months before I would make any money, so there is no point.

I would need to enrol on a returners course for General Practice to update my skills ££££

I would need to re-register with the GMC ££££

I would need to pay for Medical Indemnity insurance ££££

I would have to embark on a process of revalidation, putting together a portfolio of skills, assessments etc and that would cost me ££££

No, unless the authorities got rid of protocols, guidelines, revalidation, micromanagement, inspections, the GMC, the CQC, Health Education England, Clinical Commissioning Groups and all the palaver of modern medical practice in the UK, I am going to stay at home.

No bargepole is long enough..........